Media Training for Telemedicine

Media Training for Telemedicine

Actors and newscasters make working with a camera look easy and effortless. The newscaster seems competent and honest, and the actor seems genuine. Like most skills, there are only a few people who naturally present as well on camera as they do in person. The rest of us have to cultivate these telehealth provider skills before we are ready for “prime time.” This course teaches the fundamentals of videoconferencing and how to present well on camera through a combination of multimedia presentations and hands-on learning with experienced telemedicine and broadcast television professionals. The fundamentals of videoconferencing and how to present well on camera can be learned quickly, but they will take a lot of practice for most people to master.

Learning Objectives

• Learn and practice the fundamentals of professional-looking origination and destination site staging. These include room selection, room arrangement, participant arrangement, lighting, sound, camera positioning, and how to prevent common problems.

• Learn how to present yourself as a genuine, competent, and caring professional on camera. Learn nonverbal communication strategies that build and maintain engagement during sessions.

• Learn how to overcome the limitations and explore the advantages of treating patients in their home, school, or in another clinician’s office.

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David E. Roth, MD
Medical Director
Mind & Body Works, Inc.


Sofija Zekovic-Roth, D.OM., F.A.B.O.R.M.
Clinical Director
Mind & Body Works, Inc.

Mahealani Richardson, BA
Public Relations Director
Shriners Hospital  

Mike Yasutake, BA
Yasu Productions