Wireless & Mobile Health: Business and Technology Overview

Wireless & Mobile Health: Business and Technology Overview

This short course provides an overview of wireless and mobile health (also known as digital health).  By attending this course, you will gain insight into: current markets and trends; applications, products and services; and value chains and business models. The course is suitable for business, technology, health and wellness, intellectual property, regulatory and policy, and venture investment professionals.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss business and technology markets and products available to implement wireless health at your organization.

  • Review the application of products and technology, including business models, regulatory processes, certification, etc.

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Mehran Mehregany, Ph.D.

Case School of Engineering San Diego, Goodrich Professor of Engineering Innovation

Case Western Reserve University


Enrique Saldivar, MD, MSBME, PhD
Wireless Health Program
Case School of Engineering, San Diego
Case Western Reserve University
San Diego, CA