Leading People Through Change

Implementing Telemedicine Transformation - Leading People Through Change

Change management is often one of the most challenging aspects of telemedicine implementation. Learn how to mitigate and solve for problems that may arise during telemedicine implementation. Most telemedicine leaders focus on technology, workflow, and marketing. This course will focus on lessons learned at Kaiser Permanente and the critical need to address the human factor.

Learning Objectives

• Review the definition of effective sponsorship of telemedicine implementation, and how to achieve effective sponsorship.

• Learn the importance of effective reinforcement of desired behavior change for effective telemedicine implementation, and how to plan and implement an effective reinforcement plan.

• Understand the importance of surfacing and effectively managing resistance to the implementation of telemedicine, and tools to effectively do so.

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Jan Ground, PT, MBA
Director, Virtual Care
Kaiser Permanente


William (Bill) Marsh, MD
Associate Executive Director
The Permanente Federation

Jan Ground, PT, MBA
Program Manager, Virtual Care
Kaiser Permanente