How to Build an Online Primary and Urgent Care Service

How to Build an Online Primary and Urgent Care Service

Primary Care and Urgent Care play a pivotal role in the overall healthcare delivery system. Using telemedicine technologies within these frontline care models optimizes provider efficiency, provides better management of patient panels, improves service to rural populations, and offers patients anytime and anywhere access. Such advances hold the promise of significantly expanding the cost effective delivery of quality medical care.

This half-day course is for healthcare systems or provider groups who are generally familiar with telemedicine and its principals and are ready to take the next steps. The focus is on decision making in terms of practical clinical, technical and legal considerations in building an Internet-Based videoconferencing, direct-to-consumer primary or urgent care telehealth delivery model. Implementation next steps are covered including care model components, clinical best practice requirements, necessary legal due diligence and operational steps. The course brings together the expert advice and real-world experience of a clinician, operator, and attorney, all active in managing various approaches to delivering primary and urgent care using telemedicine. ATA’s primary and urgent care practice guidelines will be provided to course participants.

Learning Objectives

• Understand primary care and urgent care telemedicine and the factors involved in implementing a virtual practice

• Understand guidelines for clinical best practices in the evaluation, management and treatment of patients through telemedicine

• Define next steps and hurdles during clinical, operational and legal implementation of a program

• Learn about various technical factors involved in implementation and how to select the right technology

• Identify legal and regulatory hurdles specific to providing care using telehealth

• Understand billing, coding and reimbursement strategies and requirements unique to telehealth

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Bill Lewis, MD, MBA
WellMedCare Consulting

Alexis Gilroy, JD
Jones Day

Matthew Faiman, MD, MBA

Director, Tele-Primary Care Services
Cleveland Clinic

Peter Antall, MD
President and Medical Director
American Well