Spotlight Sessions

Monday, May 16, 2016
3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Consumer Stakeholders Confront Telehealth

Key stakeholders who include consumer and patient advocacy groups are starting to look at what telemedicine might mean to their constituencies.  These are “critical influencers” not only with their members, but with policy makers setting the rules for the use of telemedicine.  They can be allies but most often also have important concerns that need to be addressed by providers and industry hoping to make telemedicine succeed. In this spotlight session, top leaders from these groups will discuss where their organizations stand with telemedicine and their efforts to effect change and guide the use of telemedicine for patients. Learn More

Debate: Is a Prior Provider-Patient Relationship Still Required?

Historically, a doctor-patient relationship has been considered central to the practice of good medicine. This spotlight session will feature a debate around whether medical licensing boards should require a doctor-patient relationship, and if so, what is sufficient interaction to create it. Learn more

The Year in Review:  Excellence in Telemedicine Research

This spotlight session will feature a panel of experts who will conduct a presentation of the most influential telemedicine initiativesAttendees will gain an understanding of research innovations and highlights throughout the field of telemedicine that occurred during the past 12 months. Learn more