Member Groups

ATA Members can focus on their areas of expertise by becoming involved in the activities of any ATA Member Group. Member Groups are the heart of the Association, spearheading the development of Standards and Guidelines, creating content-specific networking and educational opportunities, as well as helping to drive public policy.

ATA Members are free to join Member Groups, at no additional cost.

There are four types of Member Groups within ATA:
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • Regional Chapters
  • Discussion Groups (DGs)
  • Member Councils*

*Applies to Platinum and Gold Members

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are organized around clinical specialties and unique topical areas within telemedicine. SIGs give members an opportunity to network with peers, promote and support telemedicine applications within their specialty and provide authoritative guidance and information to the wider ATA membership.  

SIGs maintain regular communication through discussion groups and conference calls, sponsor various activities throughout the year and meet in-person each Spring at the ATA Annual Conference. Click the following link to view the Special Interest Group standing meetings schedule.

ATA Special Interest Groups:

  • Business & Finance
  • Pediatric Telehealth
  • Home Telehealth & Remote Monitoring
  • Teledermatology
  • Human Factors
  • Telehealth Nursing
  • Interstate Telehealth
  • TeleICU and Acute Care
  • mHealth Technology and Distance Learning
  • Telemental Health
  • Ocular Telehealth
  • Telerehabilitation

Regional Chapters

Regional Chapters are similar to SIGs but are organized around geographic areas allowing members within a region to communicate and share information. Chapters may encompass a state, a region or an international area.

Chapters maintain regular communication through community discussion boards and conference calls, they sponsor various activities throughout the year and meet in-person each spring at the ATA Annual Conference.

ATA Regional Chapters:
  • Latin-American & Caribbean Chapter
  • Pacific Islands Chapter

Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups are more informal arrangements, providing a forum for members to discuss nascent or niche topics within telemedicine. Particularly active Discussion Groups may be promoted to full SIG status, with enough membership participation and interest. 

Discussion Groups communicate through community discussion boards and conference calls but may not have as many activities throughout the year as their SIG and Chapter counterparts. Discussion Groups convene in-person each spring at the ATA Annual Conference.

ATA Discussion Groups:
  • Canadian Discussion Group
  • International Discussion Group


Councils are groups based around ATA membership type; as such, they are open only to individuals and organizations who join ATA at a specific level of membership. Councils provide a forum where these members can discuss issue of importance to their collective interests and the broader industry of telemedicine.

 ATA Councils:
  • ATA Industry Council - for Platinum & Gold Corporate Members
  • ATA Institutional Council - for Platinum & Gold Institutional Members
Member Group Materials: