Our mission includes educating government about telemedicine in order to provide support for telehealth services. As the voice of telemedicine, ATA is the primary authority on all-things-telemedicine - and actively works with Congress, the administration, and other government bodies to eliminate barriers to the use of telemedicine.


 The Telehealth Capital Connection

To meet the growing interest in using telemedicine to improve health care delivery, ATA, with the briefing expertise and thought leadership of Neal Neuberger launched the Telehealth Capitol Connection (TCC), a bi-monthly briefing series for Congress, federal agencies, national organizations, and other interested stakeholders.

The most recent Telehealth Capitol Connection session discussed telehealth implementation in federal healthcare programs. The interactive panel session showcased hands-on knowledge, opportunities and challenges for how the 
Department of DefenseVeteran's Health Administration, and the Indian Health Service are utilizing telemedicine to improve access to healthcare.  Click here to view this briefing or any past Telehealth Capitol Connection briefing. 

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ATA has captured the complex policy landscape of 50 states with differing telemedicine policies, and translated the data into an easy-to-use format. Each state is graded based on telemedicine reimbursement policies as well as policies outlined by their respective state Medical Board. 

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