Federal Policy

One of ATA's driving missions is to educate government about telemedicine to improve public support for telehealth services. As the voice of telemedicine, ATA is recognized throughout the world as the primary authority about telemedicine and actively works with Congress, the administration as well as with other governmental bodies to eliminate barriers to the use of telemedicine.  

ATA supports public policiesat both state and federal levelsfor patients, providers, and payers to realize the benefits of telemedicine. 

Guiding Principles for Federal Policy Priorities: 

  • Eliminate artificial government barriers to telehealth, such as geographic discrimination and restrictions on the use of telehealth in managed care;

  • Prevent new barriers to telehealth, such as clinical practice rules that impose higher standards for telehealth-provided services than in-person care;

  • Encourage use of telehealth to reduce health delivery problems, such as provider shortages;

  • Promote payment and service delivery models to increase consumer and payer value using telemedicine and

  • Enhance patient choice, outcomes, convenience, and satisfaction.